What is the Venus Factor Diet

Venus Factor reviewsIf you keep up with the latest diets, they you have surely heard of The Venus Factor Diet. The Venus Factor Diet is the leading weight-loss diet that is geared towards helping women lose weight, and keep it off! Everyone knows that men and women are physiologically different however few diets take that fact into consideration. The Venus Factor Diet helps women be successful in their weight loss goals by realizing why women have a harder time losing weight, what women need in their diet, following the diet plan, and exercising.

Why Women have a Hard Time Losing Weight:

According to Dr. Harris Whitehead at the Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women, the hormone Leptin can hinder weight loss in women. Leptin is hormone that helps to regulate appetite and the metabolism. It is found in both men and women however women can develop a sort of resistance to the hormone. The Venus Factor Diet has found a way to override Leptin and get the metabolism burning like it should be. The dietary changes that you will make in this diet will reverse a woman’s resistance to the hormone.

What Women Need in Their Diet:

Most women need to time their food intake properly, which this diet helps teach and regulate. According to the diet plan, women need to do the following:

  • Fast overnight for at least 12 hours
  • Eat the smallest amount of food in the morning
  • Eat larger meals as the day goes on
  • Follow the diet’s calendar and eat the proper amount of calories given for each day

Following the Diet Plan:

Following the diet plan that comes with Venus Factor is your key to success. The diet plan is in place to help you be successful in your weight loss goals.

The Venus Factor guidelines are as follows:

  • Limit your sugar intake
  • Stay away from trigger foods as best as possible
  • Do not drink your calories
  • Break up your carbohydrate intake as directed
  • Limit your intake of soy products

Exercising on the Diet:

Everyone knows that exercise and proper nutrition go hand-in-hand. Following the diet plan is an excellent start but to be fully successful exercise is needed as well. The Venus Factor provides workout videos to help you get in the best shape of your life!

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